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What if I Can’t Quit Smoking? Do I Need Help?

What if I Can’t Quit Smoking? Do I Need Help?

I know smoking is bad for me, but how do I stop? What if I can’t stop on my own? Who can help me stop smoking and get my health back?

We get lots of questions about smoking and tobacco addiction at Archstone Recovery Center. Thankfully, we can help answer your questions, and start you on the road to recovery—whether you’re a pack-a-day user or just an occasional smoker.

It’s well known that smoking is very harmful to your health, from heart disease to high blood pressure, to dental problems, to hugely increased risk for cancer. In fact, cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. But it can be very hard to quit on your own. Even with patches, gum, or other ways of getting nicotine, many people find themselves relapsing even after they go cold turkey. That’s why it is so helpful to turn to a rehabilitation or recovery center. With the support of fellow patients, doctors, counselors, and other staff, you’ll be helped along your road to recovery. Reclaim your health and stop worrying about what you’re doing to your body with smoking—call Archstone Recovery Center today!

When you need help quitting smoking, turn to the best. From partial hospitalization, to residential, outpatient, transitional, and extended care programs, Archstone Recovery Center has the right treatment plan to fit your needs. People travel to our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility in Lantana, Florida (FL) from all over the United States: New Jersey (NJ),  New York (NY), Boston (MA), Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, and more. We offer hope for smokers to recover their lives with caring treatment to help them quit. Call today to begin your road to recovery with Archstone Recovery Center.

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