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What is Residential Treatment for Addiction?

Residential Treatment

What is Residential Treatment for Addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic diseases, so it is important they are treated as such.  For most people suffering from addiction, detox and inpatient rehab provides a wonderful start to achieving sobriety and beginning the path to lifelong recovery. Inpatient rehab is an important first step in treatment that allows a complete focus on safe withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, education on the disease of addiction, and the development of strategies to continue in ongoing recovery.

With top medical professionals, evidence-based treatment, and a full continuum of care, you can rest assured you and your loved ones are on the right track towards recovery. 

What to Expect at a Residential Treatment Center

During an inpatient treatment stay, patients who are dependent on drugs or alcohol typically start with a medical detoxification process through which we work to detox the body from drugs and alcohol in a safe, comfortable manner.  Ongoing residential or inpatient care then provides a structured environment centered around individual, group, and families as well as educational, art and music sessions, and community sessions. 

Patients also receive psychiatric, nutritional, spiritual and other services when needed.  A highly qualified team administers these sessions including master-level clinicians, therapists, social workers, case managers, medical professionals like nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors.

Our complete continuum of care provides patients with the necessary structure to combat addiction and prevent relapse:

Our community-focused Alumni Program adds a layer of support. Even before patients leave our facilities, they are introduced to a community of those in recovery to build new relationships that will support their goals.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Inpatient treatment encourages patients to focus on their treatment and recovery by removing outside distractions and fully immersing them in the process of getting well. Archstone Behavioral Health’s comprehensive approach in our inpatient facilities provides 24/7 medical supervision, clinical treatments, spiritual, education, family and other services to effectively heal the physical, mental and emotional damage caused by addiction.

Other beneficial components of inpatient rehab include:

  • Structured Environment- Inpatient programs keep patients busy and focused on recovery.
  • Evidence-based treatment, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Round-The-Clock Support- 24/7 attention from our recovery support team offers invaluable peace of mind
  • Support System- Support from our team, to explore your next steps in the recovery process.
  • 24/7 Medical Team- With 24/7 medical supervision and nursing support, we ensure our patients are always safe and comfortable.
  • 12-Step Curriculum- Our immersive 12-Step program includes meeting attendance, step work & helping others. 

These combined factors make inpatient rehabilitation a great way to jump-start your recovery!

Your Recovery is Our Top Priority 

The outcome of drug and alcohol treatment depends on a person engaging in treatment and continuing for the clinically recommended period. Changing the behavior of addiction is no mean feat, so it is crucial that patients are fully engaged in their treatment and recovery, and have strong family support.

Upon leaving inpatient rehab, patients who continue in the time frame for these programs can vary on the severity of the addiction and other psychosocial problems to address, but outpatient care that continues for a full year has the highest success rate. The different levels of outpatient care can each last anywhere from 30 days to 9-12 months for once a week, a general outpatient. Combining inpatient and outpatient treatment offers the best chance at achieving and maintaining long-term recovery from addiction.

Like other chronic diseases, recovery from drug and alcohol addiction requires ongoing attention. Our full continuum of care and strong alumni network means once you leave our facility, you will have a plan in place and you will be connected to a caring community that will help you stay in and enjoy your recovery.

Where You Can Turn For Addiction Treatment

Admitting that you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is complex, but it’s the first essential step towards achieving long-term recovery. Going to a rehab, like Archstone Behavioral Health, with a compassionate staff that will help you with every step along the way can be the key to staying sober.

Archstone focuses on the tradition of 12-step treatment, it’s a tradition that has worked for millions of people searching for recovery, and it can help you or a loved one currently struggling with addiction too. We also offer a full continuum of care, so you don’t need to bounce between treatment centers, and you’ll always work with the same staff. Call Archstone Behavioral Health now at: 561-475-4237 to get help for you or a loved one today.