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When Medical Marijuana Becomes an Addiction: Marijuana Rehab with Archstone Recovery

As far back as ancient China and India, marijuana has been used to treat medical conditions ranging from gastric problems to insomnia to the pain of childbirth. Today, the herb cannabis sativa, popularly known as marijuana, pot, weed, or bud, has been shown to be useful in treating a number of modern conditions, from glaucoma to the pain associated with cancer. Because of this usefulness, medical marijuana has been legalized in eighteen US states as well as Canada and several other nations. However, marijuana—even medical marijuana—is still illegal at the US federal level. In states where medical marijuana is legal, there are heavily regulated medical marijuana dispensaries where patients with medical marijuana prescriptions can obtain the drug. However, it is quite common—especially in California, where laws are lax—for doctors to issue medical marijuana prescriptions to patients who are not truly in need.

While medical marijuana can be a godsend for those who need it, the potential for abuse and addiction exists. Many marijuana users do not believe that marijuana is addictive; while marijuana addiction rates certainly don’t even approach the rates for narcotic drugs and methamphetamine, there is no doubt that some users do in fact develop addiction to marijuana. If you find yourself unable to function without pot, using it to get through the day, or doing everything in your power to get marijuana, you may be addicted. These are all signs of marijuana addiction.

If you are addicted to marijuana, it’s important to get help right away with marijuana rehab. Pot addicts from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and Florida (FL) all come to Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches in Florida for marijuana rehab at the best state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility on the East Coast. At Archstone Recovery, patients can choose from a range of treatment options, including detox, residential, transitional care, outpatient, and extended care programs, all of which integrate medical care with a proven twelve-step approach and counseling. If you need medical marijuana rehab, come to Archstone Recovery.

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