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Where Can I Find Huffing Rehab for My Teen in Florida (FL)?

Where Can I Find Huffing Rehab for My Teen in Florida (FL)?

Teen huffing is a serious public health issue in Florida (FL).  What is huffing?  It’s the practice of breathing the dangerous fumes from chemicals like paint thinner, aerosols, and air conditioning coolants in order to get high. These chemicals can be found around most homes, which makes them accessible to younger teens who might not be able to get alcohol or street drugs.  The high is short-lived but intense, which means that kids who get hooked and want to stay high need to huff more and more.  This can be intensely damaging—depending on the chemical, inhalation can cause severe brain and lung damage and even death.

“What are some signs that my child is huffing?,” you may be wondering. If you’re finding that household chemicals are going missing or are left open or in the wrong place, your teen may be tampering with them. If your teen smells funny—like chemicals—and has a runny nose, bloodshot eyes, or sores around the mouth, these can be physical signs of inhalant abuse, as can nausea.  If your teen seems drunk, dizzy, or disoriented and is slurring his or her speech, but you can’t find signs that they are drinking alcohol, inhalants may be the culprit.

If your teen is addicted to huffing, it’s important to get him or her help right away.  So where is the best rehab program for huffing?  It’s at Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches, a state-of-the-art, accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida (FL).   Archstone Recovery offers a variety of programs for inhalant abuse, including residential, partial hospitalization, detox, transitional, extended care, and outpatient options.  Archstone Recovery’s holistic approach to inhalant addiction treats teens with respect while teaching them the life skills they need to quit huffing and handle their problems appropriately.  Huffers from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, Florida (FL), and all over the United States travel to Archstone Recovery to experience the outstanding care and treatment Archstone Recovery provides.  If your teen needs help with inhalant addiction, contact Archstone Recovery today.

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