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Where Can I Get Help Quitting Heroin? Find Out about Archstone Recovery

Where Can I Get Help Quitting Heroin?  Find Out about Archstone Recovery

Ashley (not her real name), a twenty-four-year-old recovering heroin addict from New York City, asked Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches, a state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, to share her story on our blog.  Ashley called us two years ago. “I was in my apartment in Queens, high as hell,” she told us, “and my mom left me this voicemail, crying and asking me to quit doing drugs and come home.  I knew I couldn’t keep living like this or I’d be dead.  I wanted to quit.  But I didn’t even know what that meant.  I’d been to NA meetings and it never really worked for me.  So what now?  Can I get heroin rehab?  How do I get started with heroin rehab?  Where can I go in NYC for heroin rehab?  And what happens when I get to rehab?  I didn’t have the first clue. I started Googling it and found Archstone Recovery. That’s when my life changed.”

When Ashley called us, she wasn’t sure what she needed to do—but her admissions counselor did.  “She was great—she handled all the insurance questions for me, she helped me figure out what to tell my parents, she even explained all the different treatment options” (like detox, partial hospitalization, transitional, extended care, and residential) “and helped me deal with the details.  She told me lots of people from New York City (not to mention Boston, Washington DC, and all over the US) come to Florida to Archstone.  It was gorgeous down there, warm and sunny, just what I needed.  I didn’t want to be around my friends and my dealer and my boyfriend.  I needed to get away.  At Archstone, I could concentrated.  They never judged me.  They just helped me get away from heroin.”

At Archstone Recovery, we treat you like a human being, not a disease.  All of our treatment programs use the time-tested twelve-step method as part of a customized rehabilitation program that uses therapies and spiritual guidance that work for you.  We get a great deal of support and recommendations from alumni like Ashley, because Archstone Recovery’s heroin addiction treatment programs really work—and they can change your life, too.  To learn more about quitting heroin with Archstone Recovery, contact us today.

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