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Where Is the Best Crystal Meth Rehab for Gay Men in New York (NY)?

Where Is the Best Crystal Meth Rehab for Gay Men in New York (NY)?

The West Village in New York City (NYC) is one of the most important sites in the history of the gay rights movement.  In 1969, the Stonewall Inn, long an under-the-radar gay bar, became the flashpoint for days of angry riots as gay men, women, and transgendered people stood up to the police and fought for their right, sparking a still-ongoing movement that would aim to bring rights and dignity to LGBT people around the world.  A decade and a half later, the Village was the site of a historic tragedy, as the gay community was ripped apart by the AIDS epidemic.  Today, the West Village is still a gay hotspot—and the scene of another epidemic: crystal meth.  Gay men too young to remember the pain of the eighties are living and dying for “Tina,” sacrificing their beauty and health for the fleeting high of methamphetamine.

Crystal meth (also known as “glass”) is a profoundly addictive drug.  Meth users who become addicted experience a quick physical decline, as they develop skin conditions, their teeth rot, and quick weight loss becomes emaciation.  In addition to physical symptoms, meth users put themselves at serious risk for injury and disease because of their behavior while high—it’s hard to remember condoms and lube when you’re high out of your mind.  You might not feel any pain or discomfort until it’s too late.  And quitting crystal meth isn’t easy once your body has become dependent on it.  Crystal meth withdrawal is extremely painful and difficult, and it’s best to go through it under medical supervision.

If you’re ready to quit crystal meth, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of New York City and recover in a safe, secure place far away from the friends and places that feed your addiction.  Archstone Recovery of the Palm Beaches in Lantana, Florida (FL), is a warm, beautiful place to get away and recover in serenity.  Archstone Recovery is a state-of-the-art drug and alcohol treatment facility; its location close to Palm Beach International Airport makes it a convenient destination for crystal meth users from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Florida (FL), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and all over the United States.  Archstone Recovery’s customized, holistic program options (which range from detox, partial hospitalization, and residential programs to transitional care, outpatient, and extended care) give you the tools you need to get clean and stay clean once you’re back in New York City (NYC).  If you’re ready to turn your life around from crystal meth, call Archstone Recovery today.

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