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Where Is the Best Heroin Rehab Program for Women?

Where Is the Best Heroin Rehab Program for Women?

Ask most people to picture a heroin addict and they’ll likely think of Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain.  But heroin addicts aren’t all white, male rock stars—they are rich and poor, from every ethnic background and gender identity.  But methadone clinics and other programs often aren’t safe spaces for women.  So many women find themselves asking: “Where can I find a heroin rehab program for women?  How can I get clean in a safe environment? What are my options as a female heroin addict?”

It’s also especially important to get help if you are pregnant.  Heroin addiction during pregnancy can be extremely dangerous to both mother and fetus. If you carry your pregnancy to term, your baby may be born addicted; both fetuses and newborn babies can die from the symptoms of withdrawal.  The sooner you get medical attention, the better your chances of maintaining your own health and having a healthy baby.

If you’re a woman addicted to heroin, Archstone Recovery can help.  Archstone Recovery of the Palm Beaches is a full-service, accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Lantana, Florida.  It offers comprehensive heroin rehab in a safe and secure environment that honors women and treats all patients as full people deserving of respect.  At Archstone you’ll be physically safe and able to focus on healing and recovery, with the full attention of a team of medical experts, therapists, and addiction specialists as well as a supportive peer group.  With a range of programs, including residential, partial hospitalization, outpatient, transitional care, and extended care, Archstone is sure to have an option that will work for you.  That’s why heroin addicts from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, Florida (FL), and all over the United States come to Archstone Recovery for the best heroin rehabilitation treatment available for women.  Are you ready to rebuild your life?  Contact Archstone Recovery today.

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