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Who Can I Turn to for Drug Addiction?

Who Can I Turn to for Drug Addiction?

I admit that I’m addicted, so how do I stop using drugs? Who can help me get clean? Where can I go to make sure I don’t relapse?

We get lots of questions about different kinds of drug addiction at Archstone Recovery Center. Thankfully, we’re here to help. We have experience in addictions to tobacco, alcohol, pot, ecstasy, heroin, prescription drugs, meth, and all sorts of other drugs. The important thing to remember about choosing a treatment plan is that people usually can’t get clean on their own. They need the support of caring counselors, doctors, and other staff. And they need help so they don’t fall back into using.

Many drugs have a significant barrier to quitting: withdrawal symptoms. From discomfort to cravings, to actual health problems, it’s best to be monitored while detoxifying so withdrawal can be managed. With medication options, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and detoxification, there are many options to get addicts clean. And, while not strictly necessarily, it can be very nice to commit to a treatment center in a very beautiful part of the country—preferably somewhere warm.

If you think you or someone you love is addicted to any kind of drug, you should seek professional, caring help right away. It’s time to seek help before something happens you might regret—or worse. From all kinds of treatment, form partial hospitalization, to residential, outpatient, transitional, and extended care programs, Archstone Recovery Center is the right fit for your needs. People come to our beautiful facility from all over the country: New Jersey (NJ),  New York (NY), Boston (MA), Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, and more. We offer hope for addicts to recover their lives with caring treatment to get them back on track. Call today to begin a new life with Archstone Recovery Center.

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