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Will My Health Insurance Cover Ecstasy Rehab? Get the Facts from Archstone Recovery

Will My Insurance Cover Ecstasy Rehab? Get the Facts from Archstone Recovery

The caring, dedicated admissions counselors at Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches hear questions all day long from people who are considering drug and alcohol rehab for themselves or a loved one.  Many of our clients come to Archstone Recovery for ecstasy rehab. They ask us questions like: “Am I ready to quit using ecstasy?  How can I get started with ecstasy rehab?  Where is the best drug rehab facility for ecstasy addicts in Florida (FL)?  Where do I sign up for ecstasy rehab? Will my insurance cover ecstasy rehab?”

At Archstone Recovery, we understand how scary and daunting it can be to ask for help.  You’ve hit rock bottom—or maybe your friends and loved ones have staged and intervention to show you that you really are addicted to ecstasy and you need help, NOW.  Maybe you’ve even been ordered by a court to seek rehab or face difficult consequences.  And now you’re supposed to navigate the maze of health insurance coverage?  Archstone Recovery makes it simple for you.  Just fill out the form to your write, or call our 800 number.  Your admissions counselor will ask you questions and take down your insurance information—and we’ll do the rest while you focus on what matters most: getting clean from your ecstasy addiction.

Archstone Recovery is located in beautiful Lantana, Florida, convenient to the Palm Beaches and to Palm Beach International Airport.  Ecstasy (MDMA) users from New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Washington DC, New England, and all over the United States  come to Archstone Recovery, because Archstone Recovery has the best ecstasy rehab program available.  With a state-of-the-art facility, a range of options (including detox, partial hospitalization, transitional, extended care, and residential), proven techniques (like therapies and a twelve-step approach) that really work, and top-notch professional care, Archstone Recovery can help you leave ecstasy behind.

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