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Women and Ketamine Addition: Get Help with Archstone Recovery

Women and Ketamine Addition: Get Help with Archstone Recovery

Ketamine, also known as “Special K,” is a popular club drug.  It was originally developed as an anesthetic, and people who take it tend to experience some degree of paralysis or inability to move.  Many users find that it enhances the experience of listening to music, which may account for its popularity in clubs.  It is not physically addictive but can be very strongly psychologically addictive because of the escape from reality and from the body that it represents. But ketamine can be a very dangerous drug, particularly for women.

Escaping from your body can be a very tempting prospect, especially if—like many, if not most, women—you suffer from problems with body image or are unhappy with your body.  Women with low self-esteem or body image problems are particularly vulnerable to ketamine addiction.  But escaping from your body through a drug that temporarily paralyzes you means that you are unable to move and escape dangerous situations.  This puts women who use ketamine—especially in a public place like a club—at a particularly high risk for sexual assault.

If you are addicted to ketamine, it’s important to seek help as soon as you can before you experience negative health effects or violence.  If you have been assaulted while using ketamine, the assault is not your fault—but it’s still vitally important for you to seek treatment to deal with the fallout and to break your addiction.  Archstone Recovery can help. Our top-rated, specialized staff understand women’s needs.  Archstone Recovery offers a variety of accredited programs to help you recover from ketamine addiction, ranging from outpatient programs to extended care options.  Contact Archstone Recovery today.  It’s OK to ask for help.

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